The harvest starts in october with the beginning of the exterior veraison, that's when the color of olives turns from green to purple. Olives harvested in this period produce less olive oil than mature ones, but they have the quality to have a high content of polyphenols and strong organoleptic properties. Harvesting is carried out by hand with the help of mechanical combs.

Olives harvested are brought from nets to the pressing plant in perforated crates, in such a way that they are well-ventilated and warming risks as well as oxidation phenomena (due to possible fruit squashing) that might affect the olive oil quality are avoided.
The milling is carried out by cold extraction in a new generation continous cycle system certified organic.

Black Olive
The squeezing system used allows oive oil to avoid any contact with air, it ensures the efficiency, hygiene and purity of the extracted oil, making it possible to obtain a fine quality olive oil with a fuller and more distinctive taste, that gives an elegant aroma and specific nutritional values.